Since as far as I can remember, there was always music in my family's home. All kinds of music, in different languages, from folkloric to classical, jazz and old new hits...all sorts. Besides singing in choirs in much of my youth, I also learned to play a couple of instruments and still do. I ended up mostly playing the guitar, which accompanied my family and friend's singing at gatherings and dinners. Later I continued to play with a couple of bands, as well as performing solo at specific events.

After a while I was encouraged to write my own songs. The album Desert Rose is a culmination of my first 10 works, and in a way the songs vary in a few styles I appreciate, some reflected from movies in my youth, or music from the Middle East, where I grew up; and a few tell stories from differing times in my life.

I am currently enjoying performing Desert Rose, and hope you'll enjoy the essence of the album.



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